Why You Should Use Clay Bricks

Why You Should Use Clay Bricks

It’s no secret that bricks are the most sustainable, comfortable, eco-friendly, and desirable material to build a home with. There are a plethora of reasons why you should use bricks to build your home, but when it comes down to choosing between clay and cement bricks, which ones should we go for? Cement bricks have the upper hand at being economically friendly, but there are many reasons to consider clay bricks if you have the budget.


Why You Should Use Clay Bricks

Acoustic Insulation


Clay bricks are known for their thermal qualities but are also worthy of praise for their acoustic properties. Clay bricks have resistance to soundwaves and the impact they make, reducing external noise or noise leakage from the inside of a building. If you’re planning on building a home studio, then clay bricks would be a great choice for building an acoustically sealed room.



Clay bricks are famous for their well-over 100-year life span, which reduces the need for replacement bricks to be made and fitted. This reduces the overall carbon footprint of the clay brick.

Thermal Qualities


While cement bricks maintain an impressive quality of thermal insulation, clay bricks are slightly better. This will probably not be the deciding factor between the two, but it’s always good to know what else you’re getting from the more expensive option!



Clay bricks boast a higher strength after production than cement bricks. While cement bricks can be made to a specific strength, the clay bricks your order will most likely be stronger than that which is required. This is an important factor when taking into account the durability and longevity of a structure. When you use clay bricks, you can rest assured that the structure you build will last for centuries if need be and require very little maintenance.

Brick wall

Ease of Use


Clay bricks have been used throughout history, dating back thousands of years. They have a high reputation for withstanding small movements during construction and are much lighter to work with.

Disadvantages of Clay Bricks



Clay bricks are more expensive than concrete bricks due to their heating requirement. A special kiln is needed to produce clay bricks, making their cost of production higher than concrete.




Clay bricks can only be produced to a certain size, unlike cement. This may affect the heating accumulation and the overall time of their thermal cycle.




If you have the budget, clay bricks are by far the better option for your construction project and the Earth.

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Author: Gabriel Weiner

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