Why You Should Not Paint Your Brick House

Why You Should Not Paint Your Brick House

Let’s face the music right now: removing paint off of a brick wall is basically impossible – especially if you’re doing it yourself. There, I said it. I’m sorry if it broke your heart, but the truth needs to be spoken.


I know, you’re probably bored with your brick wall, the red shades are too vibrant and you want a change, I get it! It’s understandable and not uncommon to seek change in our lives. Often times, painting a brick wall is doable and even necessary, but in no way is it a DIY project. By doing it yourself, you pose a risk of damaging your (perhaps) biggest financial asset.


Step carefully, dear brick lover, as our desires can often lead to dire consequences. Here are the top reasons why you should not paint your brick house.


The Brick Can Be Destroyed


Bricks have small air pockets inside of them and absorb moisture content. This is necessary for the brick to sustain itself long term, as it adapts to the environment. When you paint over bricks, you risk destroying the brick’s ability to ‘breath’, trapping moisture inside the brick leading to decay.


It May Cause Damage To The Structure Of The House


Painting the exterior can lead to moisture being trapped inside the brick. When temperature changes occur, and the moisture freezes at night, an erosion process called thawing can take place, slowing degrading the bricks themselves.

It Can Get Ugly


As bricks begin to break down and decay, the paint starts flaking away, making your home look down-right unattractive, either to yourself, potential guests and buyers.

You Could Be Destroying Historical Buildings


If your home is older than you are, you are – in a sense – risking the destruction of a historical building.

‘Unpainting’ Is An Insanely Difficult Job

It will cost you tons of money and tons of time – and still involve risks to your brick wall – if you decide to remove existing paint. Power washers and sandblasters can certainly damage the brick, so you will have to use chemicals to strip away the paint. This is a chore you could do yourself, but it will take time… lots of time. And you know what they say, time is money.


While there are exceptions that make painting brick walls okay, it certainly is not worth the risk on your financial asset as well as the beauty of your home. Rather play it safe, and talk to a local contractor to see what they advise if you’d like to spice up the exterior of your home.

Gabriel Weiner
Author: Gabriel Weiner

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