Why Build With Brick?

build with bricks

Why Build With Brick?

With a wide variety of building styles available to choose from, it can be daunting when choosing which building material you should use. It is important to plan with great care and mindfulness when choosing a building’s structure, so take a look at the benefits of using brick over other materials below.

The Benefits of Building With Brick

Investment Friendly

Unlike wood, brick does not need replacement and upkeep in the same way as wood would. Depending on how stable your land foundation is, you may never have to replace your bricks. Sure, cracking may occur due to excessive vibrations (for example: slamming doors over the years), but this is a relatively cheap fix. Brick will last you lifetimes and will protect you from the harshest of elements, and will prove to be worth the investment from the first day of construction. It does a brilliant job of staying dry and healthy and will absorb excess moisture better than other materials.


A big bonus of using brick is its natural insulation properties: if you’re running a heater during winter, or wish for that hot summer sun to echo through the night, using brick will ensure a sustained warmth. Brick walls will absorb heat better than other materials and will ensure a warm comfort through those cold days.

Noise Absorbing

Do you have some little ones running around? A music studio blasting sonic sounds? Always wanted a home theatre? Brick walls ensure that noise will be absorbed, whether it’s from inside or outside the house.

Environmentally Friendly

Beyond the obvious money-saving and family-friendly properties, brick is considered the eco-friendliest choice. Bricks come from organic, renewable sources and may never have to be replaced. History speaks for itself, as some of the oldest buildings are made of brick.

Broadly Creative

Brick houses are known for their brilliant interior and exterior designs. Your choice of style is virtually endless when it comes to brick design. Modern finishes, homey overtones, and cozy spaces are brought to life with bricks. Just scrolling through our Brick Search, you will be amazed at the array of options.
If you don’t like the style of plain brick, painting over it, or contrasting next to a painted wall does wonders for your home’s environment.

Choose black or bright white bricks to stun and strike out surrounding colours.

Bright red brick combinations kindle a warm, vibrant space that breathes warmth.

Neutral brick colours allow for cozy and relaxed environments.


You cannot go wrong with choosing brick as your foundation material. It’s the best choice for your wallet, for your family, for your life, and for your planet.

You can read about brick colour palettes and other important information on our blog page. Check out our Brick Search to view an incredible variety of different styles and choices.

Gabriel Weiner
Author: Gabriel Weiner

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