What Is Brick Veneer?

Brick veneer process

What Is Brick Veneer?

Brick Veneer Vs Solid Brick Masonry


Brick Veneer


Brick veneer is a construction method by which a house is built and supported by wooden or steel frames. The frames are then covered and concealed by a single layer of bricks.

The bricks used in this method of construction are merely for aesthetic purposes, as there is only one wyth (many layers of bricks) used in construction.

A small, open cavity lies between the frameworks and the one layer of bricks to allow more insulation throughout the building and for excess mortar material.

This method of construction was used in great Britain way back in the 1800’s but only gained traction as a popular construction method in the mid-1900s.

House made from bricks

A Brick Veneer House


Solid Brick Masonry


Solid brick building is the most traditional construction method by which a house is built and supported by bricks. Up until the mid-1900s, solid brick masonry was a solid, common, and widespread method of construction.

This method utilizes many wythes (many layers of brick) held together with a ‘header’ bricklayer.

Before modern methods of brick construction came into play, solid brick masonry even incorporated metal ties into the wall for greater strength. These metal ties, however, weren’t stainless steel, and have probably rusted away over the years.


Fun fact: Some of the walls built around the world before 1900 were sometimes as thick as 50cm!


More on the differences later.

Brick building in italy, the italian puni whisky distillery

Italian Puni whisky distillery – Image Taken From malt-review.com

How To Check If Your House Uses Brick Veneer:


Identify Date Of Construction

If your house was built after 1950, then there’s a good chance it could be brick veneer. If it is older than 1900, it is probably a solid brick foundation.


Tap Tap tap

Tap your walls to see if you hear a hollow sound. If it’s hollow, there’s a good chance that it is indeed brick veneer.


Depths of Windows and Doorposts

Check how deep each door frame and window frames go into the walls. These features will likely be shallow on your house if it is veneer, and thicker if it is solid brick masonry.

Does Brick Veneer Impact Insurance Policies?

In most cases, yes. Insurance companies want to evaluate the risks to a property ie fire resistance, wind resistance, and pest resistance. Solid brick masonry work will be more durable against these hazards (with exceptions) whilst brick veneer homes are cheaper and less durable. Provide accurate details to your insurer, as any inaccurate or misinformation could lead to denied insurance claims.

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