What Are Brick Slips?

brick slips

What Are Brick Slips?

Brick Slips, or brick veneers, or brick tiles all mean the same thing. They are small cuts of real brick used to model the same appearance of a standard brick wall. They are used both internally and externally. Brick slips are primarily used for beautification purposes. They are pocket-friendly, and they provide an easy way to make an aesthetic brick finish on walls. Apart from their beautification characteristics, brick slips are durable, and they require low maintenance. Some of the benefits of brick slips are similar to those of bricks. They include breathability, temperature resistance, non-combustible, durability, and so on. They offer the perfect blend of practicality and looks. 

Slips provide a flexible way to attain your style and outlook for your structure 


The production process of brick slips 

Bricks are produced via two methods. The first method involves cutting from the face of a brick. This method’s benefit is that it affords people the choice to flexible with the thickness of the slips. 

While the first method is more traditional, the second method requires more intricacies. The process has several similarities with the production process of the standard wire-cut brick. The technique involves the division of the extruded clay into the needed slip thickness, followed by kiln fired. Although this method is cost-friendly, it doesn’t provide the same level of flexibility as the first method. 


Uses of brick slips 

Brick slips have found applications in various areas of both internal and external structures. From housing exteriors to fireplaces, the application of brick slips is diverse. The good news is that the benefits of brick slips are also diverse. 

  • Brick slips can be used in both commercial applications 
  • They find application in new building projects 
  • Incomplete or complete building projects 
  • Renovations or retrofitting projects 

In recent times, there has been a strong demand for exposed brick. The demand has migrated from exterior surfaces to interior structures. 


Installing brick slips 

The following are some of the materials you need for installing brick slips. 

  • Adhesive 
  • Primer
  • Mortar 

Some of the tools required include 

  • Adhesive comb to facilitate the application of adhesive 
  • Mixing paddle to mix mortar and adhesive together properly  
  • Mortar pointing gun to facilitate the mortaring of joints
  • Brick slip


Sizes of brick slips 

Brick slips are designed to fit the standard dimensions of 215mm by 65mm

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