Using Bricks In Modern, Contemporary House Designs

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Using Bricks In Modern, Contemporary House Designs


House design is a conduit between your home’s atmosphere and your life. You experience the look, feel, and tonality of your house every time you come home from work or wake up in the morning, so it’s important to choose the design that fits your needs and desires perfectly.

Modern designs have been around for decades, but as times pass by, so does the signature style. What remains though, are the sleek, dramatic, and often simple finishes.


The flat, edgy and plain surfaces that give structure are stark yet extremely satisfying in nature and are outright crisp to the eye.


There are many design choices to choose from as the style evolves, but a powerful and time-proof design device to utilize is brick surfaces. Whether you are looking for a splash of colour or a touch of texture to your design – inside and outside – brick walls can bring vibrancy, detail, and character to your modern finish. Whether you are looking to keep a neutral tone for your room or bring a warm, energetic atmosphere, brick walls can turn attention or exacerbate the stillness of a room.


Using red brick combinations for kitchens or fireplaces will bring warmth to the room while hosting the brick wall outside can complement the surrounding contrasting colours, or echo the sun rises and sunsets across the property.

Using plain brick walls with a muted or singular colour palette will turn the texture of the room from harsh to balanced and bring a vibe of coziness and coolness. Use these muted tones outside to echo your stark minimal colours or inside a living room to anchor comfort and satisfaction into space.

Regardless of your final modern design choice, bringing in texture and colour contrast with brick walls will only add to your design and give your home a cozy, satisfying and brilliant feeling every time you see your home.


Gabriel Weiner
Author: Gabriel Weiner

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