It’s important to approach the task of any DIY project with mindfulness to avoid any disappointments. It could break your heart – and confidence in your bricklaying skills – to be hours into a project only to discover that you made a mistake in the planning phase.


Rest assured, while DIY bricklaying may be simple, a lot can go wrong. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a shortlist of tips for you so that you can rest assured that your project goes smoothly!


Level Ground


A common mistake many DIY bricklayers make is rushing or neglecting this one. Making an extremely flat, level foundation before laying down your bricks is critical. Make sure to use a spirit level or fishermen’s wire to check your foundation.

Check The Weather Report


Pull up the week’s weather report. If you see any possibility of rain, halt the project immediately. If you’ve already started the bricklaying and you see that the week has some precipitation on its way, cover your work up as much as you can to ensure no water gets onto it.


You risk brick leaching, residues in your cement, and an increase in efflorescence to your early brickwork if it gets exposed to water for a long period of time. All these risks can lead to a ghastly finished product that will leave you in tears!


Order All Your Bricks In One Delivery


Having all the bricks you need for your project at the beginning can be a lifesaver. If you order multiple deliveries, you may receive bricks that are slightly different in size due to the construction site’s batch processes. That means if you order all at once, you will probably receive bricks from the same batch.


If you get to the near end of the project and realize you need more bricks, rather the same as the last few from the first order to mix in with the new order. And after all, if you only order once, you save big time on your overall costs.




These tips are what all beginner DIY bricklayers need to know. Follow these tips to ensure no broken hearts come out at the finish line, and always make sure you feel comfortable working with your tools, brick, and mortar. If you are not sure about which tools you’re going to need for your DIY project, check out our blog post on essential bricklaying  tools []


Gabriel Weiner
Author: Gabriel Weiner

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