The Right Brick And Style For Your Building

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The Right Brick And Style For Your Building

When constructing a building, it is important to consider which brick style and combination you will be using. Each brick style comes with a spectrum of design choices, benefits, and drawbacks. The exterior of the building will be the first thing that is experienced by you each day, and the interior will carry the atmosphere and energy of the building, which is why it’s important to know which brick styles to use.

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Style Signiture


Are you aiming to achieve a modern finish, sleek design, and sharp overtones? Or are you driven for a cozy space with vibrant atmospheres and a myriad of different colours around the rooms? Knowing what you want as the finished product will help you decide. It’s possible to have both in one room, so it may be in your interest to reach out to a local interior designer to discuss your vision for each room.

Colour Codes


Knowing which style you are trying to achieve may be the first step, but once you’ve chosen, you need to decide on colours. Colour is one of the most influential aspects of brick choice, as each colour choice (red combination, muted colours or stark black or white) will set a totally unique tone for your building’s rooms. Check out our blog on bricks and palette choices.

Contrast, Or Complementary?


One final choice to think about when considering which bricks to use for your building is the choice between contrasting or complementary colour choices. Choosing plain black bricks will make every colour next to or against the wall pop, even the darkest of shades. The same goes for white walls, but with proper design techniques and furniture choice, these plain bricks can produce some powerful styles and a sharp atmosphere. Otherwise, go for a brick wall with a palette, such as a red or muted colour combination. These walls will have contrasting colours within the wall itself, giving you the creative freedom to echo the colour palette in any way you wish.

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