Search And Enquire For Bricks

Guide To Search And Enquire For Bricks

Search And Enquire For Bricks

Here is a quick guide to use search and inquire about bricks you may need

How to search for the right brick for you.

1 – Go to our homepage:

2 – Here you will see 2 search options
One is on the header of the page.
The other is a search bar where you can enter the name of the brick you need.

3 – If you are unsure of the name of brick you are looking for or just want to browse the list we have you will be sent to this page select one of the search options mentioned above.

4 – On the left side of the page you will find options to narrow down the options on specific details on bricks you may need.
Selecting one of the options will give you a dropdown window that will give you more details to choose from.

5 – Once you have searched and found the brick you are looking for, hover over the image of the product you want and click on the view icon that appears.

6 – Now that you have selected your brick, you will be brought to a page that gives more information on the current brick you are looking at.

7 – Once you are happy with your choice you will see a bar at the bottom that says “AVAILABILITY”.
Click on the text and a dropdown will appear bellow. you will have 2 options depending on if the stock is available from our vendors and if there is stock available.

8 – If the brick is available and in stock simply click on the enquiry tab on the right and you will be brought to “Ask a question” page.
You will need to enter your name and email if you haven’t created or logged into your account with us.
Once those too are filled you must right and inquiry about the bricks, here you can ask any questions you may have and give detailed information on the product you may need.

9 – Once you have filled in the information above simply click the submit button and an email will be sent to the supplier about your inquiry. They will get back to you shortly and give you all the necessary information on supplying you with the bricks you need.


If The Brick you are looking for isn’t available.


So you had a look at the current products available and we don’t have the following brick at hand that you need we offer a hand brick matching service where we will find the brick you need.

1 – On the Header of the page you will see a tab that says “brick Matching
Also if you have searched a brick and the suppliers don’t have the stock you can select the “click here” tab.

2 – On this page, you will see some fields to fill in.

Here you can give us all the necessary information regarding the product you require.
The “Additional Comments” section you can give any further details you think we may need about the brick.

3 – There is also a section where you can upload an image to be sent to us of a product you are interested in or in need of once all the required information and details on the brick you need simply click on “get a Quote” and we will start searching for the bricks you need

With only a cost of £19.99 for this amazing matching service. it will save you time and effort so you can focus on the project at hand.
Let us at Search A Brick help you by finding the right brick for you.


We have also made a quick video guide to help make the brick finding process easier.


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