Replying To An Inquiry

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Replying To An Inquiry

One of the first steps is responding to an inquiry, but how do we go about this.

Let us have a quick look at just how this is done.

Ask a question

The first step is the client will want to send a question about your product. The page will look like this for them.

my store page

Once someone has sent an inquiry, you will notice that the top right will have notification markers on it. as well as on the notification bar at the bottom will show a quick summary of the inquiry sent.

to access the inquiry you have a few options.

  • you can select the icons on the top right.
  • Select the summary of the notification on the homepage
  • or select Inquiries on the left dashboard.

inquiry board

Now you are brought to the inquiry board page

inquiry reply

Now simply go over to the right and select reply

Inquiry page

you will come to this page. here you will be able to view the inquiry in full and respond to the question at hand.


there is a text box where you can reply to the question and you can also attach files to send, for example, price list or images of the product in question.


once you are happy with your response. simply click the SEND button on the bottom right.


For a video guide have a look here:

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