Preparing To Take Down A Brick Wall

Preparing To Take Down A Brick Wall

Brick walls are resilient to the harshest of environments, lasting decades inside or outside a structure. They are perfect for house insulation and acoustic treatment, as well as in the garden walls for other functions.


However, because bricks are heavy and laid down on a foundation, the mortar joints can be prone to cracking if their foundation is disturbed. If this has happened to your wall, then worry not. Taking down a brick wall is fairly simple, but requires a lot of time and preparation.

Preparing to Take Down A Brick Wall


Acquire A Permit


A permit will be required if you are going to remove a brick wall that is a foundation to a residential or public structure.


The best way to go about getting a permit would be to call a local building company and enquire where you could get one. They will most likely direct you to the local building authorities.

Get an Engineer


It is paramount that you do not take down a brick wall that is load-bearing. Load-bearing walls are holding the weight of a structure above it.


Call in an engineer to inspect the wall you wish to take down, as they will make the necessary provisions to ensure that it is safe.

Acquire The Structures Blueprint


If possible, it would be ideal to get a layout or blueprint of your structure. This way, you will find out if there any wires or mechanisms within in the wall you wish to remove.


If you find that you are interrupting any circuits or pipes, it would be best to call in a local plumber to sort out these issues.

Protect The Flooring


To ensure your house’s floor stays in good shape, it would be ideal to cover the floor with canvas tarps and wooden planks to catch the falling pieces of bricks.

Gather Your Equipment


The final and most important part for the DIY project is making sure you are equipped with the necessary tools for the job. Like painters need their brushes, bricklayers need their bricklaying arsenal. Thankfully, the tools you’ll need for this project will prove their use for future projects as well.


We have an entire guide on essential tools for bricklaying, which you can find here.


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