Myths About Concrete Bricks That Aren’t True

Myths About Concrete Bricks That Aren’t True

For centuries, myths about bricks (that aren’t true) have circulated the world of masonry and homeowners alike. The claims are strong and may seem to make sense at first, but once we dig a little deeper into these myths and their origins, we find that they are built on weak foundations.


Myth I: Clay Bricks Are Stronger Than Concrete Bricks


All concrete bricks and clay bricks are made to a specific strength standard. A concrete brick with a 13MPa rating will be as strong as a clay brick with a 13MPa rating. Besides, why would you worry about the strength of concrete when bricks are glued together with concrete? Just about all building foundations are made from concrete, from the slabs to the lintels.

However, clay bricks are naturally produced at high MP ratings than concrete ones, which may be where the myth sprung from!

This myth has lived on for far too long. How it has survived through time is a mystery to all masonry workers and brick makers.



Myth II: Cracking Is Caused By Concrete Bricks


Cracks do appear when poor masonry work is applied.   Cracks do appear when incorrect measurements and specifications are applied to the project. Cracks do appear in shameful mortar mixes and when moisture builds up in bricks. However, cracks will not appear because concrete bricks were used instead of clay or marble bricks.

Myth III: Concrete Bricks Make A Building Cold. Clay Bricks Make A Building Warm


A widely spread myth that comes with a palm to the forehead when you investigate further. Concrete bricks and buildings are fantastic at maintaining temperature throughout the day. Concrete bricks are paired with thermal foam that has incredible thermal insulation properties, meaning that on hot days, the building’s bricks will remain relatively cool, and on cold days the building’s bricks will retain the heat that was inside.

The gobsmacking reason this myth has lived on for so long is that concrete bricks are perceived as cold as they are usually gray, while clay bricks are perceived as warmer because they are usually red. The power of the mind!



Myth IV: Clay Bricks Are More Premium


The fact is that concrete bricks are cheaper than clay bricks. That’s how the myth started circulating its way around the mouths of homeowners. People started perceiving concrete bricks as a low cost, cheap, less reliable building material purely because it was cheaper to produce and was used in construction projects that had a lower budget.

As time rolls by, the world of masonry is seeing more use of concrete bricks being used in premium houses and structures.





These myths about bricks all point to the same lie, that concrete bricks are inferior to other bricks. Thankfully, we live in a world of free information, which has unveiled the truth behind these myths.

Gabriel Weiner
Author: Gabriel Weiner

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