London Stock Brick History

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London Stock Brick History

Buying a London Stock Brick can be reliable because it is a handmade brick that is already used for the construction of plenty of building in London. This brick is available in the yellow color and genuine appearance.  Manufacturers of London Stock brick are manufacturing such special bricks in the small quantities. A person can get Machine-made, heritage, and Sussex bricks, but yellow bricks are considered as London Stocks. London fields are manufactured using London Clay Subsoil in the 19th century. After that, contractors are using the bricks for constructing houses and buildings.  The majority of the manufacturers are creating the bricks in Clay areas.

More than five million yellow bricks were sourced in the 20th century.  Bricks are made in the Essex, Kent, and other great areas where they are directly importing to London. Keep reading the article and grab vital details regarding London Stock Bricks.

  • Common brick

The popularity of London stock brick is on its hype. It is a common brick that is stocked in the local area.  They are creating this special brick using a stock board that is the best iron face of the wood.  However, reclaimed London stock is being used for the conservation and decorative purpose.  Usually, so many manufacturers are using the lime mortar in the original construction work that is a little bit weaker and softer than modern ones.  Some contractors are still buying second-hand London stock brick from the cheapest merchants. 

  • Mortar

London stock Bricks aren’t porous anymore. Lime mortar is considered as the weaker and cheapest material that requires repointing so many times.  It is considered as unlikely icon of London.

  • London clay

Different kinds of London Clay are available. So many householders are investing money in the London stock a lot of time that will help you in achieving genuine shades of yellow.  Some industrial buildings are manufactured using high-end quality bricks that are improving the appearance of it.

  • Higher quality version

Some manufacturers are delivering the top-notch quality versions of the London stock. Gray stock was almost similar to the yellowish.

Additionally, London stock is known as the cheapest brick that is considered as fashionable material that can enhance the overall appearance of the buildings and offices.  Cheaper London stock wasn’t popular for the buildings.  So many companies and builders are still using London stock that is attractive material.

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