How To Use Spare Bricks

spare bricks

How To Use Spare Bricks

Bricks are the most eco-friendly, versatile, and investment-friendly building material we have. Bricks have been used throughout the centuries in some of the most colossal structures and were a luxurious building product. Nowadays, anyone can wander to a construction retailer and buy as many bricks as desired, for a great price too! So, if you have some time on your hands or you are feeling creative, then you are in the right place. Here we will share some awesome ways to use your spare bricks for your home.


Garden Bed Edges

Garden beds are already vibrant and lively, but in many cases, a garden will often look incomplete without a distinctive outline and visual layout. Often, gardens become wild and overgrown, and over the years this may result in a chaotic overgrowth. Implementing bed edges can not only give you a visual indicator as to when to cut back but can also bring in a striking simplicity to the atmosphere of the garden. This idea is relatively simple but may take some time to complete in entirety.

Brick Pathway or Pathway Edges

It can be extremely pleasing to arrive home, or in the garden, and have a direction towards the front door or the heart of the garden. Pathways are an excellent way to direct the flow of people coming for dinner or for those who are exploring your garden and will also serve in preserving the grass on your property.

If you already have a pathway, consider lining the sides with brick to strike extra simplicity or give the pathway an extra dimension to it’s design.

Brick Fire Pit

A fire pit can be one of the strongest catalysts in taking the family from inside the house to outside. On cool summer evenings to cold winter noons, a fire pit will quickly become a hub for your home garden. This one is probably one of the most enticing, as well as one of the easiest fire pit designs. Gather some bricks and built from the ground up in any design you like. Most conventional pits are circular, but there’s no rule to define how you should go about it. Once you have a design you like, add some cement of a strong construction binding agent and viola. Once

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Need I say more? This will require some skill, but if you have access to YouTube or a private contractor, this investment will bring immediate value to your house.


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Author: Gabriel Weiner

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