How To Match A Brick For Extension

brick matching

How To Match A Brick For Extension

When making certain changes to your masonry structure, it is essential that your new addition match your pre-existing masonry. There is no way to sugar coat it, a poor match is a terrible choice. Matching colors have a way to accentuate your work and offer a proper blend. It doesn’t matter the structure, a poor blend would have an adverse effect on the visual appeal, while the right blend will give a natural and unified look. 

When renovations are carried out in buildings, owners or contractors may need to add an extension to their existing structures. Two points come into play in such a situation: use a matching masonry or one that doesn’t match. Sometimes because of budget and other restrictions, the latter is picked, which ends up scaring the property and reducing its value in the long. The best way to get the job done is to match your brick. The following tips will show you how you can go about the processing of brick matching. 

Locate the brick 

Start your search as soon as possible. This gives you more options and a better chance of meeting your targets. An excellent place to start is to check if the brick is still in production. But in most cases, you might see that your brick is no longer in production. 

brick matching

Blend a few bricks to get your desired range

There are times when a single type of brick won’t give you your desired results. In such situations, you can blend several brick types to provide you with the color range you require for your project. Ensure that the new brick set is capable of working together. Ensure the height, width, and length also match. 

Staining can help you attain your match

Although an early search might help you find your desired brick match, sometimes you wouldn’t find anything. In those moments, the only option is to use the staining option. But in other for this option to work, you need to look for bricks that have a similar measurement and texture as your brick. The closer the measurements and texture, the less staining required, and as such, the less cost. Remember to use a proven masonry staining process to carry out the job. 


Final Words 

Brick matching is not an easy feat. However, done right, it can give you extraordinary results. We’ve identified a working process above that can help you get your brick match results. Start your planning process as soon as possible to find the right blend and combination. In situations where you cannot find bricks that match, get a brick that matches measurements and texture. The final step is to use a reliable masonry stain system to bring the color closer to your desired color.

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