How To Make Bricks From Clay

bricks from clay

How To Make Bricks From Clay

For over 2000 years, clay bricks have been used throughout civilizations across history. Their sturdy, robust reliability has kept brick as the most favored construction material, and for good reasons. Although technological advancements have made the way we produce bricks faster and easier, the method is still the same. All you need to make your own clay bricks are a few tools and access to a kiln.

Why Choose Brick?

Bricks have been chosen as the number one building material for far more reasons than just their strength. Bricks have properties that many housebuilders, house owners, and contractors can’t resist. Here are a few reasons:

  • Bricks can absorb an incredible amount of noise, meaning quieter spaces within the building
  • Bricks are almost completely weatherproof
  • Bricks retain heat and coolness
  • Bricks are considered to be the most eco-friendly building material

How To Make Clay Bricks

Step 1

Start digging up some clay with a shovel. The Clay will be used as the main material to build the bricks. Ask a local brick contractor, producer or any construction company where you can find some clay soil in your area. Clay soil is usually sticky when wet.

Step 2

Use grinding stones (ie. Large stones) to grind down the soil into a paste. Sometimes, the soil will already be the right consistency, but by grinding, you can improve the end result of the final product.

Step 3

To make a paste, start mixing the ground-up soil with some water. If you have a brick mold, fill it up with the ground clay and water. If you don’t have a mold, use your hands and whatever tools you need to keep the size of the bricks uniform in shape and size.

Step 4

Once the bricks have been molded, lay them out in the sunshine. This will dry them out. You can also use a brick oven to speed up the process. Using the sun will cut your production cost down substantially, but it will take longer for the bricks to dry.

Step 5

Lastly, fire up the kiln and put the bricks in the kiln. The kiln’s heat changes the molecular structure of the wet bricks, hardening them into very strong bricks as a result.




Making bricks from scratch is not only simple and cheap but possible from anywhere in the world as long as there is clay and a kiln. Many countries today still use traditional methods, making bricks with wooden tools and no oven. For more on the benefit of using bricks as the main building material, check out our blog on the top reasons why you should use bricks.



Gabriel Weiner
Author: Gabriel Weiner

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