How To Decorate Exposed Brick Walls

How To Decorate Exposed Brick Walls

Using brick walls to build your home is a fantastic idea, and comes with many benefits. Having a brick wall exposed inside your living room or kitchen has come into style for interiors, and there’s certainly reason for it. Raw brick looks phenomenal against minimal furniture, in contemporary living spaces and other cozy living spaces. But how do we decorate a natural brick wall properly? Here are some of our tips to create a stunning brick wall.

How To Decorate A Brick Wall

Incorporate Open-backed Shelves

Regardless of the brick colour, using shelves as decor against your bricks can create an industrial-style look. Be sure to use sleek, modern shelves to ensure an eye-candy experience. Shelves are great for creating more surface space on the wall for decor and other household items.

Use Large Items That Contrast The Colour

If you have white brick walls, then use dark coloured decor to emphasize a modern space. A white wall will direct your attention to other colours in the room, so using plain contemporary furniture against the brick will ensure modern interiors that are satisfying to sit in.

If your exposed wall is rustic, you can create a stylish living space by using plain, contrasting coloured furniture and decor against the wall. You can create a rustic kitchen with a modern finish by using white furniture pieces.

Add Props

Whether you place a mirror on the floor against the brick wall or hang up statement-pieces (like in this picture), you can create an amazing source of attention in the room.

Use Brilliant Lighting

Sometimes the natural light isn’t on the right side of the house for your brick featured wall. By using boho-styled lights or string lights, you can complement any beautiful brick wall.

 What Colours Go With Exposed Brick?

Well, that depends! Generally, it is a good idea to use plain, lighter colours against busy, rustic brick walls and dark colours against white, plain brick walls. If you have plain black brick walls, then lighter and plainer colours can create a modern finish.

Should I Paint My Exposed Brick Wall?

Definitely not without consulting a professional. There are so many reasons to avoid painting your brick wall.

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Author: Gabriel Weiner

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