How To Choose The Right Brick Paving Contractor

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How To Choose The Right Brick Paving Contractor

When it comes to bricklaying, it is important to choose the right bricks, the right design, and most importantly, the right contractor.

Choosing the right brick and design may seem simple, but there are critical aspects that may not seem obvious: colour matching with the surroundings, colour degradation, and – due to underground water beds or root systems – earth-movements that can destroy your design over time. It is best to first consult a brick paving contractor and other tradesmen on their opinion before going ahead with a big purchase of bricks.

But, how do you choose the right brick paving contractor?


Create A List Of Brick Paving Contractors


Create a list of all the available brick paving contractors in the area accessible to you. This will help you create a shortlist after you’ve completed the rest of this guide.


Investigate Their EQ


This may seem strange, but when it comes to choosing the right brick paving contractor – or any other tradesman – it’s important to feel comfortable talking to them about prices and estimated completion times. What’s even more important is that they feel like an open book to you. If you feel that they are avoiding certain questions in pursuit of closing a deal, consider that a red flag, and cross them off of your list. A good brick paving contractor should not only be able to answer relevant questions but also never avoid a brick paving related question, even if it brings complications to the project.

Another way to gauge a brick paving contractor’s EQ is by their enthusiasm regarding the project and the relevant knowledge they exert when answering your questions. If the brick paving contractor seems uninterested in the project or is unable to answer basic questions about the project, then perhaps it may be best to cross them off the list.

Lastly, if they seem at all unprofessional or inappropriate in their demeanor, cross them off.


Ask Friends And Family For Reviews


Either before or after you’ve done some investigation into pricing and have a feel of your local brick paving contractors, it is important to ask your close circles who have had brickwork done in the past who they would recommend. If a friend or family member has had a good experience with a certain brick paving contractor, then consider that a good sign already. On the other hand, if they have many complaints, take it seriously and cross the company off your list. You may even hear of alternate brick paving contractors in the area!

 Make A Decision


Once you have a shortlist of brick paving contractors that you feel comfortable with, and know who not to go to – based on your family and friends’ suggestions – go for the contractor with the best price, best reviews, and least amount of time needed.


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