How To Build A Brick Wall

build brick wall

How To Build A Brick Wall

The following is an easy to follow guide that will show you how to build a brick wall. 

Materials for building a brick wall 

  • Shovel
  • Tape measure 
  • Old board
  • Mercury gauge/spirit level 
  • Bolster 
  • Brick line
  • Stiff brush
  • Club hammer 
  • Brick trowel 

Build brick wall

Steps To Building A Brick Wall


Start from the corners 

Place the bricks at the end of the wall (this will be the spot the pillars are standing). Do this before you prep any foundation. With the aid of a string line, create a straight line between the outside bricks (make sure you do this at brick height)

Prep your mortar 

On an old board, create a heap of sand (five shovels of sand would suffice). Add one shovel of cement. Mix both sand and cement. Create a hollow at the center of the mixture, add water, and mix thoroughly. 

Lay the bedding mortar 

Lay 1-2cm of mortar bed using the string line as a guide. Next, place the first brick and press gently to bed it in. Add mortar to the next brick, and append it to the first brick. Continue this process. Your string line will act as a guide.  

Make your brick pillars 

Place a brick on its side at the end of the wall. This should be at the position you want to start your pillars. As you erect the wall, each of the pillar bricks should be placed in the opposite direction. 

Cutting bricks 

There are specific points when you don’t need a full brick but just a portion. In such situations, you would need to cut the brick. To do this, place the bolster at the point you want to break off and strike with a hammer. 

Ensure the pillars are a course ahead 

Ensure you build at least one course ahead of other parts of the wall. Use the string as a guide, and build up. 

Adhere to 10mm mortar joints 

Vertical and mortar joints should have a thickness of 10mm. For standard bricks, there should be a distance of 75m from the top of each brick to the bottom 

Add a coping stone (optional)

When you get to the top of the pillars, you may decide to add a copy stone to finish. Another option is to create a pleasant effect by bedding bricks. This option is more pocket-friendly and saves you on cost. 


Add a soldier course (decorative purposes)

Place your bricks vertically along the full length. Use a second string to ensure a uniform finish. A soldier course is a great option to add more beauty to your garden wall. 



You are almost done building your wall. To finish use, the rounded part of a brick jointer to put the mortar in place. To do this, start with horizontal lines, then vertical lines. 

Clean up

The final step is to give your finished wall a cleanup. Wipe any mortar on the floor before it dries. If you are using water to clean up, take extra precaution, so it doesn’t touch your freshly built wall.

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