How To Attach Things To A Brick Wall: Part 2

How To Attach Things To A Brick Wall: Part 2

As discussed in our previous blog, there are two main ways of attaching things to a brick wall, drilling or sticking. Sticking things to a brick wall can prove to be more challenging than sticking thigs to a wooden or tiled wall. For this reason, you will need some powerful adhesive glues which have high ratings and are of the industry standard.


Gorilla Glue is a great glue to use on brick walls and will prove its worth. If you can’t find Gorilla Glue or wish to review your options, speak to one of the sales managers and discuss the project at hand so that they can guide you on which glue to buy.


Sticking things to a brick wall is less demanding of a task than drilling, but both come with their own pros and cons. Read on and decide which method will work best for your project.


Step 1


Use a methodical cleaning method to clean the surface of the brick wall. You can use a rag or a broom if the brick surface isn’t too dirty. Also, clean the surface of the object you will be sticking up.

Step 2


Prepare the glue by removing the top cap. Read the instructions and warnings thoroughly as to avoid a disaster.

Step 3


Squeeze the glue bottle ad spread a layer of glue over the desired surface area. If you’re using Gorilla Glue, a thin layer will be more effective than a very thick one.

Step 4


Place the object you want to stick onto the wall directly over the glue layer. Hold it down with a clamp or another object that will hold it very tightly in place. Keep the clamp held down for at least an hour.



This method of sticking something to a brick wall is very fast and requires far less than the drilling method. However, you may have to restick something if it doesn’t work, and if you make a mistake the first time, it may cause some residue on the brick wall that you’ll have to clean up. However, this method can be used throughout the building and won’t leave permanent damage on the bricks themselves.

Gabriel Weiner
Author: Gabriel Weiner

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