How To Attach Things To A Brick Wall: Part 1

How To Attach Things To A Brick Wall: Part 1

While constructing a house with brick walls comes with a plethora of benefits, many brick homeowners report that brick walls come with a unique challenge: attaching things to them. There are two main methods of attaching something to a brick wall, yet both methods are easily achievable. The first method is by drilling, and the second method is by using a super adhesive. Although simple processes, a lot can go wrong. We will be exploring the drilling method in this post.


How To Attach Things To A Brick Wall With Drilling


Step 1: Gather The Equipment


What you’re going to need:

Anchors that will hold the appropriate weight. Make sure to weigh out whichever object you want to attach to the wall before starting the process. You’ll want to get an anchor that can withstand over and above the required weight. For instance, if the object weighs 3.2kg, consider purchasing anchors that can withstand a weight of at least 4.5kg. You can also use many anchors for one object to distribute the weight. Most hardware stores sell anchors, so it should be quite easy to find.

A drill and drill bits. If you don’t already have a drill with drill bits, look for one at the hardware store. Make sure that whichever size anchors you buy, you use a slightly smaller drill bit. For example, if your anchor screw is sized at 1/2cm, use a bit that is slightly smaller at 1/3cm to ensure a tight fit.

A pencil to mark where you will drill.

Step 2: X Mark The Spots


Decide where you want to drill holes for the anchors. Use your pencil to draw an X at the desired spots. It is recommended to drill into the mortar between the bricks themselves since mortar is softer than the actual bricks, and gives a more solid grip. However, if you can’t find the mortar due to painted walls, don’t worry too much, it shouldn’t affect the finished product too much.

Ensure that the desired spots are at least several screw lengths apart to avoid weakening the mortar and the bricks.

Step 3: Drill Into The X


Keeping the drill at a right angle, slowly start drilling the bit into the X that you’ve marked.

Drill a hole that is a little longer than the length of the anchor.

Step 4: Install The Anchor


Use a screwdriver to insert a screw into the anchor and then drive the anchor into the hole you just drilled. Tighten the screws in the anchor with a screwdriver until there is no more space for the anchor to jiggle.


You may have an anchor with a screw already inserted. If this is the case, simply drive it into the hole and tighten by hand to get the hook pointing in the desired direction.


Step 4: Hang Up


If your object has a wire or some form of suspension, simply hang it over the anchor’s hook. Otherwise, you can buy some wire at the hardware store and suspend your object with that.


This is only one method of attaching an item on a brick wall, and it has many benefits. You can suspend a heavy object with many anchors and create a reliable place to attach individual objects.


Gabriel Weiner
Author: Gabriel Weiner

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