Homepage basics

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Homepage basics

In this guide, we will be going over the homepage for merchants and give a quick overview of what each window is and can offer to the user.

Home page basics

Once you have logged into your merchant account you will be brought to this page.

Here you get an overview showing Store Analytics, Inquires, Notifications and Latest Topics.

You will also be able to see a dashboard on the left, this will allow you to choose what specific category you would like to visit.

Homepage icons

You will see these icons in the top right, each will give you a quick view of how many notifications, Inquiries and Latest Topics that have not been viewed yet. By clicking on the desired icon it will take you to the requested page for more information.

There is also a round icon with a face in it. This will take you to your profile if there is any information you need to add or change about yourself.

Homepage media

On the media page, you will be able to view any media you have uploaded to the site. This will be of any brick images added for the relevant stock you have placed.

homepage products

On the Products page, you will be able to see what products you have added to your list and remove products you no longer need. This page will also allow you to edit the products you already have.

customers page

On this page, you will be able to view the customers you have. This will give you an overview of information regarding each client you have.

refund page

This is the refund page, this page will follow any regards about refund needing to be made or are in the possess.

add to my store

This is the add to My Store page. Here you can browse our pre-loaded bricks and add them to your catalogue saving you time with adding products information to your store.

settings page store

This is the setting page. The settings page has a sub dashboard that is split for Store and Location.

This is the view for your store settings

settings page location

This is the settings page for location. This will be where you can add your businesses location to the site.

followers page

This is the Followers page, here you can see who is following your account.

Reviews page

the Reviews page will give you an overview of all the reviews you have received from clients.

Approved badge

Once you select Approved Badge tab you will go to this page, it will give you all the relevant information regarding the badge and how you can get yours.

Inquiry board

On this page, you will be able to view the Inquires you have gotten regarding your products.

Here is a quick video on the pages we have discussed:



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