Slide Your Online Brick Search Engine Search A Brick is an online Brick Database enabling you to search for bricks and stock levels whilst cutting out the middle man. Begin by entering a brick name below. Sign up today FREE of charge and gain access to merchant stock levels, saving you time and money.
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Are You A Merchant

How Search A Brick Works?

Having been in the industry for over 20+ years, we understand the process and stress that can be caused trying to not only match bricks but also find a supplier that is reliable. This is where Searchabrick comes in…

Finding the right bricks

Find Your Bricks

Finding bricks can be a tedious time consuming job… We have solved that! Search by a brick name or brick specifications and browse the results to find what you are after!

Matching house bricks

Choose A Merchant

After finding the brick for the job browse the merchants Nationwide, and their availability to see whether they can cater for your requirements.

Finding the right bricks

Enquire And Book

Click the enquire button and enquire with the relevant merchants and get your job booked. Saving time, and money from not using a middle man.

Why Choose Us?

Signing up today is FREE of charge and enables you access to hundreds of brick merchants stock levels that were never available before. Ensuring you the peace of mind and flexibility to search for specific brick requirements and sock levels. Skipping out the middle man and their commissions.

Finding the right bricks


Skip the extortionate commission prices by dropping the middle man.

brick matching


With years of experience in the field, we live, breathe and sleep bricks

best bricks for house construction


With access to over 1,000 brick yards in the United Kingdom

brick selector


Signing up to access stock levels is free of charge for all members.

best bricks for house construction


Search A Brick only work with top rated brick manufacturers

finding the right bricks


Speed up your search time so you can focus on your projects.

Supporting Merchants

In today’s brick industry, promoting your current brick stock levels is a timely and costly task. Using various services online often results in them using their preferred suppliers based on commission rates. This alone means other businesses suffer. We are looking to change that with our Merchant Approved Sign Up Program. 

Matching House Bricks


We are so confident in our work that we offer a FREE 60 Day trial to show you just how our system can help GROW your leads and promote your brick stock in front of thousands of people you would not have reached before. 

finding the right bricks


Gone are the days of checking up for emails and chasing people. Our internal management system helps ensure Merchants can access their inquiries and respond to them in their own login portal for smoother tracking.

brick selector


All stock can be either added manually, by copying an existing product or in bulk via a CSV file. This alone ensures you can keep stock levels accurate 24/7 and also use access to our always growing Brick database.

Sign Up For FREE Today!

Buyer Signup(Free)

  • Access to nationwide stock levels
  • Browse by brick
  • Fast merchant comparisons
  • Search by location
  • Free to sign up

Merchant Signup

  • Upload capabilities
  • Personal merchant online store
  • Access to thousands of customers
  • Easy to use reporting
  • 24/7 Support


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