Hit and Miss Brickwork

Hit and Miss Brickwork

Essential Tips 

  • If you notice the bricks are laid in an unconventional bond, get in touch with a structural engineer 
  • Contact the manufacturer to affirm if the brick specification is ideal for the design 
  • Don’t locate hit and miss panels where the public may easily access it 
  • Perforated or frogged bricks should be avoided unless approved by the manufacturer 
  • Before starting, construct a site reference panel that agrees with product quality, design details, as well as workmanship. 
  • Consult the BS EN 1996-1-1 to make sure structural performance of the hit and miss panel meets the specifications. 
  • In addition, the amount of overlap should create an enabling mortar coverage for wall ties. 

Standard cavity for wall build up


The structure above highlights the importance of structural analysis in regards to hit and miss brickwork. Engineers should take extra precaution and avoid placing loads on the hit and miss sections


Detailing Considerations 

There are lots of factors that affect the allowable overlap and these, in turn, will determine the wall’s ability to offer ideal robustness and bending resistance. These include;

  • Unit size
  • Spanning distances
  • Wall thickness 
  • Masonry bond strength 


Design Considerations 

When it comes to hit and miss panels, the rule of thumb is to support the panels on three sides. The reason for this is due to the unavailability of a definitive testing procedure. The fact that the unattended sections of the panels are made of several whole bricks, you can use a standard-setting out dimensions, and cuts can be avoided. 

For situations when design calculations fall outside of the predetermined limitations, there are several alternatives that can be used to achieve an optimal result. You can split the hit and miss panel into smaller sections using brick piers and beams to reinforce the panels. 

Structural stability can be enhanced by using a stronger mortar mix. But extra precaution must be followed to ensure the mix and brick specification are compatible. 

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