Gardening Walls Ideas

Gardening wall ideas

Gardening Walls Ideas

Whether you are in need of creative gardening wall ideas or you just want to spice up your garden in your spare time, we’ve got you covered.

A garden is a representation of any owner. It is not just an extension of the house, it tells a story about the taste, and style of any owner. In addition to its practical benefits, having a garden wall can help create an amazing landscape feature.

There are a plethora of gardening wall ideas to help beautify your garden, reclaim land, and so on. We’ve covered some of the best gardening walls ideas below. Check out some of our discoveries and read about how you can give your garden the same feel.

Planning Permission

Before we get started, let’s quickly talk about planning permission.

Planning permission is required for any garden wall on the edge of a public highway that exceeds 1 metre in height and also a free-standing wall measuring 2 metres in height. Get in touch with local authorities or a constructor before getting started. You can also seek architecture to ensure your design is appropriate and strong.

Rural garden with fruit trees and firewood on grass – 3d rendering

Choosing the best gardening wall design

Design matters a lot. You need to consider your gardening wall design when embarking on your project. Some of the factors to consider include; costs, colour, height, shape, and so on. You might either want to go for a curved brick wall or for a straight wall. While a curved wall is much stylish and visually appealing, a straight wall is more budget-friendly. Therefore, make a choice according to your taste, and resources.

Let’s take a look at some of the best gardening walls ideas

Privacy Walls

Sometimes gardens are meant to be a place that gives you comfort, and relaxation. As a sacred place, it ought to be private. Having a fence sometimes doesn’t get the job done, especially when you want to keep your space from prying eyes. A privacy wall is ideal for keeping your space while adding a bit of style. Privacy walls come in different materials, and styles.

Retaining wall

Sometimes, soil in a sloped garden erodes, which means you lose valuable soil with time. Retaining walls help to curb this problem by supporting the soil laterally. With retaining walls, you turn a problem into a sophisticated garden design.

Raised bed

Stylish, visually appealing, and sophisticated, are terms associated with raised beds. This gardening wall idea is useful for helping your plants grow while adding a contemporary feel to your garden.

Painting your wall

A simple paint can turn that dull wall into an attractive structure. If you have an existing gardening wall, you can apply different coats of paint to add a bit of colour here and there.

Green Wall

Rather than paint your old gardening wall, you can grow some vines and flowers on it, and turn it into a green wall. Nothing says garden, like a bit of greenery wall.

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