Frequently Asked Questions About Brick Slips

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brick Slips

What are the benefits of brick slips? 

Brick slips are ideal for saving space, and they can be used to give a brand new look to an existing façade. What’s more, when you use them for interior purposes, they help you to maximize space. When fixed, you can hardly tell the difference between them and a traditional brick wall. When fixing them on exterior walls, they help to preserve the usual detailing of the windows and doors. This means you can save a lot of money by avoiding customization. There are plane slips, and corner slips, and they both come in the same dimension as your regular brick. 


Do brick slips guarantee the same quality as regular size bricks? 

Brick slips come in the same quality as full-size bricks. Each brick slip is cut from a full-size brick; thus, it shares the same characteristics as your regular brick. What’s more, they are frost resistant. Whereas you would lay your regular bricks, the same does not apply to brick slips. When it comes to brick slips, you use a bond (like a frost-resistant cement adhesive) to attach them to an insulating panel or wall. You can then point them in the same direction as you would an ordinary brick wall. 


Are brick slips more cost-effective? 

The price of your brick slips usually affects the price. Depending on the size, brick slips can be 20 to 30% more costly than regular brick. Another factor that affects the price is the cutting and handling process of brick slips. Nevertheless, brick slips are still the right solution for navigating structural problems. They are easier to mount and don’t usually take up as much space as traditional bricks. 


Final Words 

They provide a creative alternative to regular bricks. They are ideal for construction and renovation purposes. You can easily use them in combination with regular bricks. Use them to give your façade a makeover. They are also good for providing coverage of ceilings. Brick slips offer solutions that construction workers and builders face daily. The good news is that brick slips are available in different colors and sizes.

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