Editing My Profile


Editing My Profile

One of the first few steps is getting your profile ready

Once you have logged in you will be brought to this page.

In the top right corner, you will want to select the profile tab

Profile tab

From here you will be asked to fill in the relevant information.

you can add an avatar image, first and last name verify your email that you used to set up your profile, add a phone number and set a new password.

edit profile page

there will be a mini dashboard on the left.

These tabs will change what relevant information you want to view and edit.

edit profile dash board

On the address tab, you can Set your billing address as well as your shipping address.

address tab

On the Social tab, you can add your social media links.

social media tab

In the membership tab, you can view what membership you have and when your next payment will be. You can also cancel or upgrade your membership form here.

Note to upgrade you will need to cancel your current membership

membership tab

On the Verification tab, you will need to upload an Identity document, business card, passport or drivers license and add your address. All this information will help us make you a verified seller.

verify tab

once you have added all the information simply select the SAVE icon at the bottom of the page. All the changes then will be saved

save icon




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