Designing To Brickwork Dimensions

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Designing To Brickwork Dimensions

When it comes to the successful construction and design of brickwork, one essential factor that cannot be overlooked is the material. The designer must consider the material when setting out both in the elevation and plan. 

What setting out does is that it helps to eliminate weird bond patterns, cut bricks, and so on. This helps with structural integrity as well as improved aesthetics of the project. 

Designers can’t do without brickwork dimension tables as it aids them in preparation for their drawings. 

This article aims to assist designers in setting out brickwork for buildings. It will also help them in determining the appropriate size in various applications. 


Brick Co-ordinating Size 

The materials used in making bricks means it is easy to manufacture them to fit various sizes and dimensions. Typically, the brick dimensions stated by the manufacturer is called the work size. In the UK, the work size brick is usually 215mm by 102.5mm by 65mm. 

Brick Dimensions

Tolerance and Range

In brick specification, it is essential to consider both range values as well as tolerance values specified by the manufacturer with regards to EN771-1.
Tolerance is the difference between work size and the actual average size.

Brick dimension chart

Brick dimension chart

The range is the difference between the largest brick and smallest brick.

Both sets of values were derived from formulae in EN 771-1

When it comes to tolerance, ensure that the specified brick and the needed aesthetics are compatible. What this means is that if the design needs a regular brickwork, then consider using the smaller tolerance and range. Your adjacent components, design details and specified brick tolerance must correlate.

Co-ordinating Size

In dimensioning brickwork, there is a need for allowance with respect to the mortar joints. The results below show the allowance for a standard brickwork size and nominal mortar joints.
225mm by 112.5mm by 75mm
The same procedure can be used for various brick and mortar combination.

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