Creative And Exciting Ways To Use Old Bricks

Creative Ways to Use Old Bricks

Creative And Exciting Ways To Use Old Bricks

Summer time is a great season to spend some time outdoors. So, make use of your old brick and brick garden bench.

But before you do all of that, why don’t you make use of that pile of old bricks, and turn it into something special.

If you have a good number of old bricks lying around, you can get creativity and spice up your landscape. If you are wondering what you can do with those bricks, we have a few ideas for you. While not all the creative ideas might not resonate with everyone, we are sure you will find something that will help you spice up your outdoor using your old bricks.

Construct a brick path

Those old bricks are awesome for building a lovely path around your back garden, or to your door. They are also great for making stylish walkways in different parts of your landscape. The idea with building a brick path is that there are so many possibilities. Patterns, ideas, and builds are endless. You can go for something easy or something complex. The choice is yours.

Construct a garden bench

Make a convenient garden bench from those old bricks. The process is very easy and doesn’t take as much time as you would think. Just pick a convenient spot in your back garden, and construct your type of bench. You could go for a circular structure or a straight arrangement. If you have a pool, consider making a brick bench. It will give you a convenient spot to relax and enjoy a cool evening by the pool.

Construct candleholders/planters

This idea allows you to flex your creativity as much as you can. The holes that come in bricks are ideal to place your candle or house a plant/flowers. Utilize the hole to house citronella candles to curb the insect problems encountered during summer.

Brick edging for garden beds

This is somehow technical and might consume a bit of time but the rewards are worth it. What you have to do is create a brick wall around the edge of your garden. Having a brick edging accentuates your garden, and adds a bit of style and attraction to it. Although brick edging takes time, it is pocket-friendly, as you only require old bricks.

Brick edging your walkway

This is a sequel to the above point. This idea requires gravel along with your old bricks to create an eye-catching design. The end product is a visual spectacle that can boost the visuals of your property and by extension the value of your property. To achieve this, you need to arrange your bricks using a staggered pattern and place pea gravel in the middle.

Garden Markers

Trying to spice your garden, markers would help you identify your plants especially if you have a large collection of plants. All you need is a Sharpie to write the different names on the bricks. You can get more creative, and use different colored Sharpies to add a bit of style.

Hope you like these ideas. Use them to spice up your gardens or landscape.

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