Cost To Build A Brick Wall

Cost to Build a Brick Wall

Cost To Build A Brick Wall

The construction process involved in erecting a brick wall is very complicated. But, to professional builders, this job is pretty easy.

In this article, we would take a look at the cost of erecting a garden brick wall.

Erecting a wall in your garden adds a bit of style and visual appeal. Apart from that a brick wall adds privacy, helping you enjoy your sacred moments in your garden. If you have plans to build a wall, it is important you do the necessary research, to know the cost of materials and labour.

So let’s get started

Cost of building a brick wall

The cost of building an average garden brick wall is dependent on the dimensions of the intended wall. A standard 1m by 4m brick wall cost £825, while a stone garden wall measuring 1m by 12m will cost somewhere around £1140-£2160. A single skin wall measuring 1m by 12m will cost £1450 while a double skin wall of the same dimension will cost £1,850.

Factors affecting brick cost

The cost of brick is dependent on several factors. When planning to build a brick garden wall, you should know the different factors that might increase or decrease the price. Some of these factors include;

  • Dimensions of the wall

  • Your location

  • Wall shape (curved walls will cost more than straight walls)

  • Types of bricks

  • Demand and supply of bricks

  • Extra preparation work

  • Quality of materials

  •  Availability of materials

What makes up the cost of building a new brick wall?

Not all brick wall projects are the same, and as such the cost of the overall project will differ. There are lots of factors that go into the final cost of a building project. This is why it is important to talk to your local tradespeople and get an idea of what the final cost would be. As a rule of thumb, the following will play a key role in the final cost of the project

  • Distribution and supply of materials

  • Extra removal work such as removing waste, posts, fence panels and other unwanted materials.

  • Making foundations and so on.

Just like with any other building project. Talk to the local professional to get an idea on the cost of the project. Ask questions in areas you are not sure to get an idea of what is required. Make sure the team you hire, provides a quote with the cost present. With this, you know exactly what each component of the project costs.

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