Concrete Blocks or Clay bricks

Concrete Blocks or Clay bricks

The advancement of modern construction practices means people have the option of using concrete blocks or clay bricks. In the last few years, there’s been an ongoing battle between clay bricks and concrete blocks. Before we dive into the differences between both, let’s look at a few similarities. They both manufactured using similar residential construction method. Also, concrete blocks and clay bricks are porous materials that offer mass visual appeal.

But when placed side by side, clay bricks offer more than concrete blocks. Firstly, clay bricks are ideal for erecting structures that houses several Wythe construction. Although, clay brick is more expensive than concrete blocks, its longevity and durability means, it will out last concrete blocks while maintaining peak structural integrity. The following are some of the reasons why clay bricks are more sought-after than concrete blocks.

Durability and longevity

Clay bricks typically last long and are durable. On average, a properly made brick, with the right maintenance can last several hundred years.

Visual appeal

Clay bricks are a constructors delight because they can fit into any setting. You can hardly ever go wrong with a stylish clay brick. Their authentic color and blend gives a natural vibe that captures the essence of any structure. Clay bricks are suited for exterior and interior designs. Don’t feel like painting over your brick, leave them exposed. Their natural color is a beautiful sight on its own


Clay bricks have long lives that can last up a couple of centuries. Even at that, they are recycled into other bricks come the end of their lifespan. In addition, the materials used in the construction of clay bricks, are often waste materials.

Thermal mass

Clay bricks ensure a building has a steady temperature. It is able to do this by absorbing heat daytime, and slowly dissipating the heat at night. Typically, clay bricked structures have warmer temperature during the winter and cooler temperature during peak of summer heat.

Resale value

While concrete blocks depreciate in value, clay bricks appreciate in value. Your clay brick structure will be worth a good fee years from now. Not just that, clay bricks offer a good value for money in the long run.

High density

High density is one of the appealing qualities of clay bricks. The high density helps with sound insulation (a useful trait especially in residential areas).

Safety and combustion

Clay bricks are generally safe and are not susceptible to fire. In the of a fire, clay bricks take a substantial amount of time to burn thanks to their high density.

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