Can You Build A Brick Wall Instead Of Fence?

brick wall vs fence

Can You Build A Brick Wall Instead Of Fence?

A brick wall may cost more than a fence, but it offers more advantages in the long run. Not only is a wall more visually appealing, but it is also more durable. Depending on your location, you may need planning permission to erect any 2m high or 1m wall on the edge of a public highway. If you lack any experience or knowledge, try and get in touch with a structural engineer to help you with the project. 

Although the process of erecting a wall is simple, you still need to plan. The entire design and shape of the wall will depend on the intended use. 

Functions of a wall 

  • Provide a barrier from other structures like road
  • Provide a base on which you can erect a fence or other structures
  • Hold the earth back to enable you to build a terraced area
  • Reduce noise, and encourages privacy 
  • Prevent a steep slope from collapsing 

Brick wall

Types of Wall 

There are different types of walls. The popular ones are reconstituted stone walls, natural stone walls, and brick walls. 

Brick walls 

Bricks are cheap materials that readily available and come in different colors. Depending on the materials used in the manufacturing process, you can get different texture and colors. Bricks often come as either smooth or rough, single-colored or multi-colored, and so on. Bricks also come as second-hand materials. These versions of bricks are weathered, and they typically blend with older structures. The only downside of second-hand bricks is that they are hard to find and very expensive. 

Natural stone walls

You can easily get natural stone from quarries. They are also available in reclamation yards. Just like the second brick, natural stone is expensive. But they offer unique properties to your wall. They are visually appealing, and they make your wall more attractive and durable. In cases where a brick wall might be a difficult option, a natural stone wall is a handy alternative. 

Semi-dry stone walls 

This wall utilizes stones that are handpicked. The stones have a stable structure that eliminates the need for mortar as a binder. This option is easily the most visually appealing as it doesn’t require any mortar. 


Things to consider when building a wall 

  • In order to build a wall, you need to pick the right materials 
  • It would be best if you considered the material of your house, the surrounding area, and your wall
  • Budget. The most expensive option is the Natural stone wall. So make your choice according to your budget and pocket 
  • Carry out proper planning and measurement, so you know the amount of materials you need.
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