Your Guide To Special Shaped Bricks

Your Guide To Special Shaped Bricks

There are different ways you can make your next brickwork project standout, from the normal, and one of such ways is via using a special shaped brick.

Special shaped bricks are the best when it comes to giving your project a whole new look. The fact that they come in different shapes, colors, and so on makes them the perfect choice to achieve visual appeal and creativity on any brick surface. The variety that special bricks produce means they guarantee architects more flexibility and options.

We have to say that there are lots of special shaped bricks in the market today, and finding the perfect type can be quite challenging. However, to make life easy for you, we’ve come up with this brief guide to help you understand what special bricks are.

Getting to know special shaped bricks

If you go through any brick project/building, you can easily notice both regular and irregular shaped bricks. The irregular ones are mainly found on arches, and edges and they are sometimes referred to as special shaped bricks. Over the years, special bricks were used for specific projects, but recent times have seen their inclusion in more and more projects.

The making of special shaped bricks

Special bricks fall into two distinct categories. Those produced for unique projects and others produced for common use. Because of their unique shape, color, and size, lots of details go into the production of special-shaped brick.

Special bricks require a specific amount of heat, and they require the use of different kiln than the standard bricks. They are mainly produced in a separate plant different from that of the standard bricks. The good thing about specials is that they can be custom made to meet your demands and specifications.

How to use special shaped bricks

Specials find their use in various fields, all thanks to their visual appeal. They can be used to reinforce pre-existing bricks. They are also used for renovation and restoration. If you don’t want to go through the process of cutting your standard bricks to fit a specific project, you can use your special shaped bricks to meet your demands.

Types Of Special Shaped Bricks

Special shaped bricks are categorized according to how they’re used. While some find their application in brick structures, others have more specific purposes. The following are some of the main types of special shaped bricks in the market.

  • Coping and Cappings
  • Bonding Bricks
  • Radial Bricks
  • Arch Bricks
  • Bullnose Bricks
  • Soldier Bricks
  • Angle and Cant Bricks
  • Pistol Bricks
  • Plinth Bricks

Special Shaped Bricks are ideal for your next project

Special shaped bricks add a bit of style and class to your existing or new project. You shouldn’t hesitate to use them in your next project.

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