The right Transport for delivery

The right Transport for delivery

You might think that getting bricks from A to B is a relatively simple process. You load them into a truck and then you drive where you need them to be; but things are not that easy. In fact, there are a number of challenges that can crop up when you are transporting bricks around and not being aware of these challenges, or properly preparing for them can mean that your bricks end up damaged, or even worse, you could get injured too.

One thing that have to think about is the transport that you are going to use to get your bricks where they need to be. There are a few transport options open to you and it will really depend on the size of the orders and where they are being delivered to.

Pallet truck delivery

If you only a have a few bricks that need to be delivered perhaps just to build a small wall or a barbecue enclosure in your garden, then you won’t need a huge truck to deliver these few packs. Instead, a small lorry with a rear tail lift is the best option, then you can offload the goods with a pallet truck.

You will often find that this is the chosen method of delivery if the bricks are going to a residential address or those sites that have restricted access.

Crane delivery

For larger projects, those that are going to need more than just a few packs of bricks, a pallet truck delivery isn’t going to be a suitable option. This will often be the case for large construction sites, or perhaps if you are building an extension at your house and in those situations, a specialist crane is the best option.

It is possible to have a crane delivery to a residential address, but it is hugely important that you ensure that there is no restricted access before the delivery is made. This can include overhead power and telephone lines.

Articulated lorry with forklift delivery

Another option that you can consider is to use an articulated lorry for delivery. You will often find that this is the chosen method if you are working on a large-scale project, such as a housing development, where large numbers of bricks are going to be needed. The bricks are delivered in a large lorry and then a forklift is used to offload the bricks and then also take the bricks around the site ready to be used.

If this is an option that you want to consider, then you are going to need to ensure that there is a parking space that is located close to the delivery location. When you keep this in mind, you will see that this form of delivery is not usually recommended for residential addresses.

These are some of the main methods that you are going to need to consider when it comes to delivering bricks. Think about which one is going to work best for you and your project and then organise and go from there.

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