Removing Or Archiving A Product


Removing Or Archiving A Product

Some products you may have added by accident or the product is no longer available.

Here we will go over just how you can archive or remove a product from your listing.

Removing product 1

Log Into your homepage.

Product select

Now go to the dashboard on the left and select Product.

Product Page

you will come to the product page. Here you can see all the product you have listed.

selected product

from here you will want to find the product you want to archive or remove.

Archive product

Once you have decided you want this product to be archived or removed Go to the right and select the “Archive Product” button.

archive prompt

you will be faced with this window to double-check that this is the product you want to archive.

Product Page 2

once you have said yes you will see the product is no longer on the product list. The product is archived, but now what if you want to fully remove the product?
product menu

you will notice some changes in the product menu at the top of the page.
here you will see the number of products in each category respectfully.

let’s go ahead and select the Archived tab.

Archive page

Here you will see all the products you have archived.

removing product

now once you have decided on a product you want to remove simply go to the right of the product and select the bin icon and say yes to remove the product.


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