Brick Matching

Renovation, extension and construction are things that come up regularly for homeowners and property owners. It doesn’t matter if you are renovating an existing building, or adding new structures to an already existing building, your project will not be successful unless you match your bricks.

Bricks matching is a vital part of any extension or renovation project.

Are you in need of a specialist to help you match your brick for your on going project? Do you require consultation services from a reliable brick matching experts?

We have all the answers you need in respect to all your brick matching needs. With experienced experts across 10 locations in the UK, we have the knowledge to enable us meet your brick matching needs. We can identify your brick, and provide a comprehensive list of existing bricks that can match needs. We offer samples for your perusal and approval. We provide exact match or, the closest match as an alternative (where possible).

The following steps presented below, highlight the ways to get started with us. The steps are simple, we just need you to upload 3 different pictures of your brick.

Note: If we can’t identify your bricks from the pictures uploaded, we would make arrangements to examine the brick physically at your earliest convenient time.

Close up shot

We require a close up shot of the brick. Place the brick in a well-lighted area, and take a picture. The recommended distance is around 1m. This will enable us to properly examine the size, color, and texture of the brick.



Brick structure

This image will show us the brickwork and structure. We recommend that you take the picture at a distance of 2m. The purpose of this is to give us another angle, and have a wider view of the brick.


Full structure

We understand that this might be impossible in some situations. But where possible, we would require a picture of the brick as part of the structure. This will help us notice bond pattern along with color changes.


Why don’t you get started with us, by filling the form below

With more than 1000 brick yards in the United Kingdom trying to find an exact match for your existing bricks can be a more difficult task than the building process itself.

It can often take weeks of research just to get an exact match.

This is where we come in!

Unlike other Brick Matching services, we offer a specialist brick matching service from years of experience in the industry. With our expert Brick Knowledge and large database we are able to take the stress away and speed up the matching process. So you can focus on what you do best.

By filling in the form below and uploading a photo of your current bricks we will carry out the hard work for you ensuring we find a perfect match. We are so confident in our matching that merchants will provide a sample brick FREE of charge!

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