Brick Builds & Colour Combinations

Brick Builds & Colour Combinations

Brick Builds & Colour Combinations

Regardless of your final construction execution, building with bricks should always be taken with great care. Bricks are not only reliable and robust but carry strong colour tones that can transform your house’s atmosphere from a vibrant; energetic and warm buzzing feel, to cozy; cool and relaxing. It is important to keep this in mind when finishing up the final designs for your house.


It is important to observe, feel and study the brick combination of your choice and its colour palette, as each colour carries with it a particular feeling, and each feeling will set the tone or vibe of the room.


Let’s consider the brick wall above with its respective colour palette. Starting from the center, we have a blood-red streak. Red introduces a feeling of warmth and – according to research on the effects of colour and the human mind – desire. There’s a reason the biggest fast-food chains use red as one of the main colours in their colour schemes! If you are wanting a warm room with vibrant energy, consider using the above brick scheme with a wall painted blood red.

Regardless of the colour you choose from above, you cannot ignore the brick wall itself. As if on fire, the brick wall is vibrant, with the light pink and dark purple kindling the stand-out red. Keep this in mind when placing this brick combination in or outside your household.




Earthy, muted colours are regarded as neutral as they induce a feeling of cozy-comfort and relaxation. The washed-out greys and soft browns contrast against each other like a dance duo. Instead of a battle for exposure, each colour on this palette compliments the other. It’s hard to tell whether the dark grey is more stand-out than the clay-brown, as they blend to create an atmosphere of subtly. By combining this wall with light or dark furniture, you won’t be bringing out a particular colour but enhancing the calm energy from this brick combination


These colours go well with rooms where you wish to create a cozy space or a feeling of home. Popular uses for this palette range from living rooms to the exterior of a house for a more modern finish (if paired with a dark roof and lots of glass doors and windows).


One of the best ways to make colours really pop is to slap them against a brick wall with dark tones, particularly black. A feeling of intensity will bring all awareness in the room to this colour, and in the process, allow all colours against it to stand out. Putting this colour of brick in a room with anything will bring contrast to the room, so make sure you use this powerful colour with great care! Having a black wall next to a window will make all the outside colours seem more vivid, and when placed next to earthy neutral colours, or wood, you are guaranteed a modern finish.

These three brick colour combinations are three of thousands of others. Checkout our BRICK SEARCH page to wander the infinite array of brick combination choices. If you are struggling with choosing the right brick colour for your house, send us a message, or reach out to a local interior designer.

Gabriel Weiner
Author: Gabriel Weiner

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