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Search A Brick Approved Badge

Now you have been approved as a Merchant on Search A Brick, you have access to our Search A Brick Approved Merchant Badge.

This provides your visitors with trust that you are an approved merchant and a reliable source for their brick requirements.

So What Next?

The next step is to add this badge to your website. It is recommended that you add this badge to the footer of your website to enable users to see you have been approved.

To add the badge to your website there are a number of options available. We recommend getting your Website Developer to add the html code we provided below.

Alternatively you can save the image and insert manually.



To install the code below, copy it and insert the html into your website to add this. If you are unsure on how to do this, please contact your website developer in order to confirm they are happy installing this for you.

<a href=><img src="" style="width:200px; height:100px" title="Search A Brick Logo" alt="Search A Brick Logo"></a>

Save And Download:

If you wish to apply our badge to your site without the use of our code, please ensure you save the below badge and upload to your website. Please ensure you follow guidelines on hyperlinking and also



When using our Search A Brick Approved Merchant Badge it is required that you hyperlink to our site to ensure we are aware of its installation. We carry out regular checks to verify accounts to ensure that all merchants using our badge have been verified by us and offered usage of this badge.

Sizing – For correct sizing please use Width – 200px by Height – 100px

Non-Approved Merchants – Unofficial use of our Approved Badge is not allowed and actions will be taken towards those not following our strict requirements.

How It Works?

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Click the enquire button and enquire with the relevant merchants and get your job booked. Saving time, and money from not using a middle man.

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