Are Bricks An Expensive Building Material In 2021?

Are Bricks An Expensive Building Material In 2021?

No matter what types of brick we use, the question remains: is this building material too expensive to use in our dream project? Whether you want to build a cement patio or install a new brick wall next to your fireplace, you should always consider the cost first.

We aren’t talking about handmade bricks in this post, nor are we talking about other building materials that we could use (to build decks & patios, etc). We will look at whether brick prices are fair, what their overall value is and whether or not you should consider using bricks, regardless of the initial cost factor.

The True Cost of Bricks

In the UK, the average cost of one brick can be around £57. This may seem like an expensive option at first glance, but when you take into account the benefits of this construction material, it becomes a no-brainer.

Building your foundations with concrete brick comes with so many benefits. Not only will the structure comprise of a durable material and last hundreds of years, but it will also be low maintenance.

The initial cost of ordering thousands of bricks will be the expensive part during construction, as well as hiring the labour required to build your structure. However, this surely pays off in the long run, especially if you want to sell your property later on. Brick homes are famous for efficient insulation, noise reduction, and low maintenance. Although it may seem expensive in the short run, building with brick may be cheaper in the long run. You will save on so many painful repair jobs, paint jobs, and tedious upkeep by building a house with brick.

It also depends on the type of brick you end up using in the construction process. You get different classes of brick, each with its own properties. Any cheap brick is obviously far weaker than say top class bricks (common bricks you buy for construction). You can’t use brittle, cheap bricks in your original building of course. Brittle bricks are more prone to mold growth from their inability to stay dry!

What Are The Pros and Cons of Brick Homes?

We wrote an article explaining each pro and con in-depth, and we recommend you read through them if you’re considering building a brick home! Here is a shortlist of pros we loved about bricks:

– They are the most eco-friendly building material

– They insulate heat very well

Where Can I buy Bricks?

Check out our catalog for the types of brick you’re interested in and we will connect you directly with the supplier!

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