Adding A Brick To My List

Adding A Brick To My List

This is a quick guide to adding a brick to your list on the merchant page, using our preset brick selections.

Home page

Once you have logged in you will be brought to this page.


from the dashboard on the left, you will want to select the “Add to My Store” tab.

add brick tab

you will come to this page, where you can browse the lists of bricks we have preloaded.

brick selected

Once you have found the product that best suits what you would like to add, simply select the “Add to My Store” button found on the right of the product.

product selected

You can also click on the product itself to view further details we have added on the product. You will also find and “Add to My Store” button here.

Add to my store

Once you are happy with the product simply select this button.

edit product

Once you have added a product to your store, you will come to this page. From here you can add and edit the information so that it will best suit the product you are providing.

you can edit the short description as well as the full description, you can add and remove images you would like, select the categories they fall under and add  Tags to help the search engine find this product.


You will see a list of at the bottom of this page the first one is regarding your Stock levels of the products.

You will also see blue question marks next to key works. If you hover your mouse over them you will get a short description regarding the field at hand.


If you select one of the other items within this dashboard it will change the information regarding that section.

fill in each section regarding your product you would like to add.

Bottom page

Once you have filled in the fields regarding your product, you will find this section at the bottom right of the page.

Here you can preview the product, save it as a draft for editing later or Submit the product to finalize and add the item to your list.

Let us have a preview first to check the information we have added is correct and to our liking.


Now you will come to the page the clients will see. Here you can check your information and see what your clients will see.


Once you are happy with your product simply select submit.


Once you have submitted your product you will come to the products page where you can see the product you have just added. You will notice at the top it will say published and there is an eye icon with a number next to it, this will show how many clients have viewed this product.


You can watch this following video for a visual tutorial





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