A Guide To Special Bricks

A Guide To Special Bricks

Brick Specials are widely accepted by contractors, restoration specialists, and architectures. They are widely considered as premium materials that can turn even the most modest building into magnificent structures. 

In recent times, there has been in growing need/interest in historic structures. Many people now demand the same level of craftsmanship, and quality, observed in some of these historic buildings. 

Special bricks have found applications in creating buildings of historical relevance and character. Nowadays, special bricks are used to enhance buildings and accentuating their architectural individuality. 

Special bricks have diverse use in today’s world. They provide architects, developers, contractors, and building special lots of options in designing and building eye-catching structures. The good thing about special bricks is that special bricks can be used in both traditional and modern structures. 

There are lots of ways and methods to build your next project and make it stand out. One of those leading methods is the use of special bricks. 

Special bricks are ideal for making your project stand out and give it a new look. The good thing about them is that you can get them in various textures, colors, and shapes. There are so many variations to special bricks that make them the ideal choice to add a bit of creativity and style to your brick surface and make them visually appealing. Special bricks give more flexibility, style, and options to architects and builders. 

There are several special bricks currently in existence, and handpicking your ideal type isn’t an easy feat. Mind you, when you know where to look, you can find the special bricks you need. 

Special bricks give you another option and allow you to add more class and style to your new or existing building project.




Using Special Bricks

Because of their style and aesthetics, special bricks find their application in diverse fields. They can be used to reinstate, refurbish, reinforce, and restore any brick project. They offer an easy substitute option if you don’t want to cut your standard bricks to match your building project.


Types of special bricks 

The classification of Special bricks is based on their use and application. While some special bricks are used in various brick structures, others are much more streamlined in their application. The following is a list of some of the common types of special bricks;

  • Coping and Cappings
  • Bonding Bricks 
  • Radial Bricks
  • Arch Bricks
  • Bullnose Bricks
  • Soldier Bricks 
  • Angle and Cant Bricks 
  • Pistol Bricks 
  • Plinth Bricks
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