6 Essential Brick Laying Tools

brick laying tools

6 Essential Brick Laying Tools

When laying bricks for either yourself or a customer, it’s important to use equipment that ensures a professional standard is achieved with the final product. To achieve that professional finish, a bricklayer needs to use a wide variety of tools that ensures safety and efficiency. If you are planning on doing some DIY bricklaying and don’t have many tools yet, then make sure you get these bare necessities as they will enable you to start and finish the most basic of jobs. Without these tools, you will find laying your own bricks to be quite difficult.


Brick Chisel


Chisels will be used to cut bricks throughout the bricklaying process, wherever necessary. The sharp cutting edge is used to ensure the cutting of bricks is accurate and efficient. Being one of the most frequently used tools when working with bricks, you will be grateful for purchasing one.


Brick Hammer

Another must-have that will be used throughout the entire process of bricklaying. Brick hammers come in handy throughout as well as nearing the end of a bricklaying job. Brick hammers will help you to lineup, resize, and accurately position bricks into place.

Thankfully, brick hammers are made to be sturdy and reliable, meaning that it will accompany you for many projects and many years.



Spirit Level


One aspect of bricklaying that comes as a great challenge is achieving a consistent levelness throughout the project. As you work, you will need to consistently check whether the work you have done and are doing is evenly leveled. Having a spirit level makes this task easier as the information that the spirit level conveys is extremely accurate. You will use this tool throughout the entire process, too.

Brick Towel


Brick towels are one of the most important tools you’ll need to buy. Brick towels will be used to spread the mortar once the bricks have been placed down and will come in handy to make sure that the bricks are positioned accurately and evenly.

Brick towels will be used throughout the entire bricklaying process, so make sure this tool stays high up on the must-buy list.

Safety Goggles


Protection should be one of the main priorities when on any job. That’s why safety goggles appear on every bricklayer’s must-have list, as accidents do happen and often have disastrous consequences. Wearing safety goggles ensures that while you’re cutting bricks or working with cement and hard surfaces, your eyes remain protected throughout the process.

Working Gloves


Bricks are notorious for being rough on the touch, and working with them all day can leave one’s hands dry, flakey, and full of calluses. Don’t fear any negative impact of the gloves on your productivity. In fact, they are bound to help you do more work with ease if you find yourself a pair of high quality, reliable working gloves.



While there are many other tools one should consider to purchase for bricklaying, these are the most important ones to acquire.


Gabriel Weiner
Author: Gabriel Weiner

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