3 Modern Pieces Of Brick Architecture

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3 Modern Pieces Of Brick Architecture

The architecture of modern minds continues to exert jaw-dropping reactions. Buildings being built today will ring through time as an echo of our eras creativity, technology, and innovation. There are many building materials to choose from, and when brick is used in modern construction, it can be an ode to ancient architects. Here are three incredible constructions made from – or with the majority of – brick.


The New Artists’ Residency

Located in Senegal, on the coast of Western Africa, there rests The New Artists’ Residency. Designed by Toshiko Mori, and built with brick and other local materials (bamboo, clay, and thatch), this geometrical and contemporary construction has captured the eyes of all great architects. The structure is surrounded by flat landscapes in the village of Sinthian and is the host to local communities, education organizations, performance events, markets, and village meetings. It has become a jewel to the village and will echo through the ages as a structure of great influence.

Image Courtesy © Iwan Baan

Puni Distillery

Built to be a whiskey facility, this building strikes the eye as a piece of modern art. Located near the Alps in Italy, this is the first whiskey production facility in the country. Designed by Werner Scholl and built with red bricks, the exterior appears as a giant cube. On the inside, a distillery (which produces 176000 liters of whiskey) is operating inconspicuously.

The facility runs guided tours in German and Italian and includes image presentations and whiskey tasting. The inside of the building is as daunting as the outside and is a must-see for architect lovers.

Image Courtesy © Werner Tscholl. Architekt


Tate Modern

Designed by Herzog & de Meuron and constructed in London, this monumental brick building is impressive to all who catch its gaze. With sharp corners and gob-smacking slanted walls, the building appears as a fortress of great architectural expression. The building itself is the home of a modern art museum and sits adjacent to River Thames. The art museum requires visitors to book tickets online, but no fee is paid.

Gabriel Weiner
Author: Gabriel Weiner

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