3 Classic Brick Exterior Designs

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3 Classic Brick Exterior Designs

As most trends come and go, there is a handful that has remained through the eras. Modern and contemporary designs are relatively new, having been around for less than 100 years. Other styles and designs reverberate the characteristics from their respective time period, standing unique in a world with a plethora of styles. The classic styles share the same fundamental skeleton – brick and stone exteriors – giving way to whirling ideas and a variety of different styles for the final construction.

Here are some classic exterior designs.

Tudor: 16th Century England

Brick’s versatility allows for a modern take on a classic late-Medieval design. With the use of timber, brick, stone and long vertical windows, you are certain to create a clean castle design. Most Tudor homes have pointed roof arches and many chimneys. Tudor designs utilize contrasting grays with brown overtones and shades of white to create a warm overtone. A stone pathway is usually incorporated with a stone archway over the door, while shutters are made with wood to bring a more rustic feel.

Ranch: American Country Side

Booming from around the 1950s, this style has stayed popular with the times with its mid-century simplicity. Conventionally, these homes will be single-story and will consist of brick in the exterior, with the design and style being open for personalization.

Victorian: A Style For The Queen

Shining the era from whence it came, home designers honor this style as highly as the royal family. With minor symmetry and a wide variety of colour design choices, it is no wonder the style still strikes designers’ heartstrings to this day.

Usually multiple stories, the foundation may consist of red brick, wood on the side of the floors, and shingles on the second story. These homes are usually found with chimneys, bay windows, porches that wrap-around, and balconies.


There are reasons for only the finest strongholds of the past being constructed with brick: versatility, strength, ventilation, insulation, and more. Check our blog on Why Build With Brick in our blog section for more advantages to using brick in your home!

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