Make The Most Out Of Your Online Brick Directory Listing

Make The Most Out Of Your Online Brick Directory Listing

If you’re reading this post, it probably means that you’ve decided to list the inventory from your brick-and-mortar store on an online brick directory. This is a wise choice as we’ve discussed before, but let’s recap quickly.

Listing your bricks in an online directory will help potential customers find your inventory more easily without any additional marketing. Your store can also be accessed by customers without them needing to come to a physical location.

Now, if you’re already convinced that listing your brick-and-mortar store inventory is a good idea, you’re probably wondering how you can make the most out of your listing. Let’s go through 3 ways that you can optimize your brick inventory listings.

1: Add Your Business To The Brick Directories

After deciding where you want to list your bricks, it is important to ensure that all information about your inventory and business profile is correct, easy to read, and relevant. Don’t throw in your company’s values just because they’re awesome. Rather put in the physical address of your business, the contact details for your company, and important information about your products.

2: Fill Out Everything

When you list your business and brick inventory, make sure you don’t limit the information to just contact details and company name. Fill in all your social media profiles, your opening hours, your logo, pictures of your products, and anything else relevant to your business. Again, don’t go filling out information with advertisements. Being listed on a brick directory is an advertisement in itself as Google will direct potential customers to the directory who will eventually see your brick inventory.

3: Engage With The Community

This can be thought of as an aspect of customer service. There are many ways to do this, but one of our favorite to encourage engagement with your customers is by:

  • Hosting specials: By hosting deals on alternating weeks, days or months, you can stand out from your competitors with your prices.
  • Reaching out to customers for reviews: By softly contacting your customers for a review, you can drive more online sales based on the positive responses you receive.
  • Physical Events: You can invite potential customers to an event at your store where you showcase your bricks.


By taking full advantage of your brick listing, you will reap further benefits of an online listing and increase the chances of online sales. Make sure you:

  1. Add important business details to the directory
  2. Fill out everything you can that’s relevant to your brick inventory and your company
  3. Engage with your customers and the community on the directory
Gabriel Weiner
Author: Gabriel Weiner

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