10 Things You Can Do With Bricks

10 Things You Can Do with Bricks

10 Things You Can Do With Bricks

From walls, foundations to pillars—there are many things you can do with bricks! On top of that, these materials are durable and long lasting.

The use of bricks dates back to 7000 BC, making it the oldest building material. These materials were discovered at an ancient settlement encompassing the city of Jericho (southern Turkey).

Even though thousands of years have passed, the remains of the wall bricks from the past are still present, proving their durability. But, apart from walls, foundation and pillars, what are the other things you can do with bricks? Let’s find out!


1. Table & Bench

brick table and chair

With bricks, you can create both a table and a bench where you can spend time with your loved ones and talk about things. You can build it around your fire pit or make it a sectional brick seat to accommodate more people.


2. Garden Beds Brick Edging

Garden beds brick edging is one of the things you can do with your bricks. It’s the best way to give your garden a clean look since they provide a barrier between beds and grass.

This edging approach is impressive and classic but won’t cost you much at all.


3. Brick Planter

Brick planter

Brick planters are an excellent means of growing plants that require different soil conditions. This differs from the plants in your flowerbeds.

In addition, a raised planter is much easier to reach if you have trouble kneeling or crouching at ground level.


4. Brick Waterfalls

Brick Waterfall

This is an absolute favourite! It can make your place look enchanting and lovely. However, it’ll require some skills to do this DIY brick waterfall—but, hey! You can always hire help to make this happen.


5. Birdbath


If you have extra bricks, you can make a unique birdbath stand in your garden. You can do this on your own since this is very easy to do.

You only need to stack the bricks on top of one another and stop at your desired height and width. Make sure that you put them close together.

Once done, put a large bowl to the top and pour in some water for the birdbath.


6. Brick Art

brick art

Perhaps, this is one of the most enjoyable brick projects you’ll ever do. If you have kids, little siblings or nephews and nieces, make sure to get them involved!

This will not only be a fun experience for them but will also let them showcase their creative side. Let the kids help you paint the bricks in various colours that best complement your home.


7. Walkway Edge

The walkway edging is a bit different from garden edging. This particular project involves the use of gravel, creating a striking design that can help increase your property value.

On top of that, your neighbours will likely impress your neighbours and visitors. To start, just mark off your walking path, use the bricks in a staggered way and fill pea gravel in between. 


8. Brick Fire Pit

Another thing you can do with bricks is the brick fire pit. This is one of the easiest projects you can make with your recycled bricks. 

All you have to do is pile up those bricks in a circle or in rectangular form, then put some firewood and light it up. You can then relax the night away.


9. Bricks’ Tree Ring

A brick tree ring serves as protection for your tree. All you have to do is stack up the bricks around your favourite tree.

After that, you can then fill in the area between the bricks and tree with soil and add some succulents or flowers to create an additional beauty to your tree.\


10. Brick Walkways

As you already know by now, there are many things you can do with bricks and one of them is brick walkways. If you have old bricks, you can reuse them as walkways—but make sure to be creative!

Paint your bricks with bright colours to add hues to your surroundings. If you have a small yard, you can create a brick walkway there.

Just put the painted bricks on that yard and stop once you reach your desired width and length. This way, you won’t have to mow this part of your home and have a colourful path to tread and look upon.


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